Men Without Hats Return September 24 With Covers EP ‘Again (Part 1)’

‘Again (Part 1)’ Includes Reimagined Version of “The Safety Dance”.

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After over four decades, Canada’s legendary electro-pop band Men Without Hats (MWH) is still going strong, and still taking its trademark sound to unexpected places. On September 24, MWH will release Again (Part 1), a five-song EP featuring covers of Lou Reed, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie, along with an all-new reimagined version of the group’s signature hit “The Safety Dance,” reimagined as “No Friends of Mine” and available as a single on August 25.

Again (Part 1) marks the beginning of yet another phase of MWH’s storied career, coming on the heels of both “The Safety Dance” and 1987’s “Pop Goes the World” being inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2020. With founding members Ivan and Colin Doroschuk now joined full-time by guitarist Sho Murray, the group recorded Again (Part 1)—along with the forthcoming all-original Again (Part 2)—throughout the last half of 2020 at its studio on Vancouver Island where the Doroschuk brothers have resided for over 20 years since moving from their hometown of Montreal. The decision to make an EP of covers was intended to offer a glimpse of some of the (perhaps unlikely) artists that have been longtime MWH favourites.

“Recording this record was an almost magical experience, we put together our own studio in a house high up in the mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean on Vancouver Island and spent seven months in total isolation making music from sunrise to sundown, with only a family of 13 peacocks for company. Some of the songs are brand new, some were written over the past 10 years on the road, making demos in the back of the tour bus, and some were written way back in the ’80s and never recorded until now. The new album is a good window into where the band is at presently after reforming in 2010, and it’s a great preview of more things to come”, said lead vocalist Ivan Doroschuk.

Although Again (Part 1) is a look back into the past, the actual recording process once again demonstrated that Men Without Hats remains on the cutting edge of technology, just as the Doroschuks were in the early 1980s. It’s part of what’s helped the band weather every musical trend that has come since to the point where “The Safety Dance” is now one of the most instantly recognizable songs in the world. It has been used in countless advertising campaigns and was memorably performed by Jimmy Fallon and The Roots for the One World: Together at Home special in 2020. Most recently, acclaimed singer/songwriter Angel Olsen did her own version for her ‘80s-themed covers EP, Aisles.

Men Without Hats’ Again (Part 1) is the band’s first release on Sonic Envy, the label launched by Canadian music industry veteran Brian Hetherman, whose sister company Cerberus also manages MWH. The band is playing select North American dates this summer, with more detailed touring plans for 2022 expected to be announced soon. 

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Sonic Envy and Cerberus: Joint Passion for Canadian Talent

Sonic Envy and Cerberus Management service both artists and labels, helping them achieve their goals. With over 30 years of experience in the music industry, the companies have one joint mission; to amplify artists’ voices, messages and to help them pursue their dreams. This new partnership with the iconic new wave, synth-pop band is a testament to the companies’ dedication and passion for Canadian talent.

Brian Hetherman, founder of Sonic Envy and Cerberus Management is thrilled to add Men Without Hats to the roster of talent: “I have been a fan of Men Without Hats since I was a kid and I still have the 45 RPM record of “Safety Dance” that I bought back then. The fact that I am now managing the band and putting out their albums is an incredible honour.”

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Men Without Hats Continues Its Global Musical Journey

Led by original founding members Ivan and Colin Doroschuk, Men Without Hats have been rounded out since 2016 by industry veteran Sho Murray, and augmented on this record by Colin’s daughter, Soprano Sahara Sloan. For the past 10 years, Men Without Hats have toured the world with the cream of 80’s royalty, playing for crowds in North and South America, Europe, Scandinavia, Jamaica, Australia, Mexico and South Africa. In fact, they have reached even more people and places than during their previous tours. Their crossover sound and message is resonating with a new generation of fans eager to appreciate the 80’s influences in their own current brand of pop.

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What Are Bonuses in Online Casinos?

What Are Bonuses in Online Casinos?
What are bonuses in online casinos? In online casinos, one can earn or accumulate bonuses depending on the rules and policies of the online casino. Bonuses are basically gratuities that online casinos give to players to encourage them to play more often and win.

What are casino bonuses? Online casinos offer high payouts percentages and high odds for certain slot machine games. Some online casinos even claim higher winnings percentages for video poker games, slot machines, roulette, baccarat, and other games. In these casinos, there are no deposit requirements, no membership fees, and no minimum deposits.

What are casino cash back bonuses? A casino cash back bonus is an instant amount of cash given to players in return for their deposit into their account. This can be earned by depositing money into your online casino account or by playing game after game for a specific amount of time. Among the CasinoTop reviews you can see all the details about the bonuses. There are also casinos that award cash back bonuses for every penny of credit used for playing in their casinos. With this, you will earn cash back for all of your real money playing activities, not just for gambling activities in video poker.

What are casino house edges? The term “house edge” refers to the difference between the expected value of a player’s winnings and the actual value of his or her winnings after the house edge is subtracted from the amount of players’ deposits. For example, if a player loses ten games before he or she even makes a single deposit, that player will lose ten times the amount of his or her deposit.

What are rollover balance transfer fees? Rollover balance transfer fees are charged when you make a deposit in a casino and then you later want to withdraw your winnings. Usually, rollover balance transfer fees are not free because it will be added to your original deposit and applied to your winnings. There are, however, casinos that offer 100% rollover promotions so you won’t have to pay anything extra for the rollover portion of your deposit. These types of casinos also usually offer a no deposit bonus feature which means players don’t need to deposit any cash to start.

What are VIP bonuses in online casinos? In case you didn’t know, a VIP is a kind of virtual membership which allows you to enjoy special benefits not offered to ordinary players. Examples of these VIP privileges in online casinos are extra VIP seats, access to special gaming areas, private limousines, and the like. There are actually many casinos that offer players VIP privileges which includes playing slots and roulette for free.

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